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People often ask what styles we specialize in.


That is hard to answer as we like working with all styles.


Easier to answer is:  What does your home look like?  So here is a quick overview of each of our designers.

Be faithful to your own style because what you really love is never out of style.


Color and whimsy are signature looks for Linda.  She can take a stack of framed photos and turn them into a piece of art.  She is not afraid to use saturated colors with calm neutrals to create playful environments.  Weathered woods, soft furniture, unique art and pops of color can be found throughout her home.  Comfortable, on-trend, colorful and fresh are her specialty.

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Perfect symmetry bores me.  Mix it up! Just like people, I like homes with personality!


Eclectic is her personal style.  Combining antiques, textured materials, distinctive art, and dashes of the industrial,  she creates something one-of-a-kind.  If she had unlimited funds, her house wouldn’t change much as she likes the look of home decor selected and culled over time.  She also likes to work with rustic woods, leather, classic rugs and bohemian touches to create her comfortable, organic space.

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Everybody should put beauty in their room that speaks to THEIR soul.


Hands down she is the curator of modern decor in this  group. Clean lines, reflective surfaces, statement pieces of art and lux finishes can be found in her home. At market, she is always on the lookout for the latest modern trends to bring back to Fargo. Her many commercial designs demonstrate her ability to create an inviting and modern look that we dub “professional  warmth”.

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Style is a way to say who you are with out having to say a word.


The Fabric Whisperer – There aren’t many styles she doesn’t like, but she is the transitional master of our group. She has a knack for selecting patterns and colors that update traditional furniture.  Her home can be described as cozy and classic, with touches of the unexpected. She is also not afraid to mix things up with painted furniture. Not surprisingly, she is also our craftiest partner with an extensive Pinterest page.

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Old or new, if you love something, it will work in your room.


Although she appreciates all styles, the sleek, rounded lines of mid-century modern are her current love. Yet, she cannot be defined by one style, as she collects many.  Warm, vibrant colors can be found throughout her home, making it a place that people want to relax and chat for a while. She believes that pieces you love always belong; they reflect who you were and who you are.

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